University entrance exams

Good USE scores are sometimes not enough for admission to a university for a chosen specialty. Highly rated or creative higher education institutions have to pass entrance exams. In recent years, universities have received more opportunities to choose the form of their conduct. Depending on the specifics of the university, these can be practical assignments, for example, in drawing, or testing knowledge in major subjects.


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What is university entrance tests

Entrance tests to universities are additional exams that are held upon admission to training in professions, for the successful development of which creative abilities or special physical and psychological qualities are required.

Such tests are passed:

on examination tickets orally or in writing;in the format of an interview with representatives of the selection committee;in the form of tests, composition, creative work.

The program of additional tests is formed by the institutes independently on the basis of state standards.

Why are university entrance exams needed?

According to the law, universities must accept students for study based on the results of state exams, but in some cases, institutes and universities have the right to appoint additional tests. The list of educational institutions with special powers to carry out additional tests of knowledge and skills is annually reviewed and approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Additional exams at universities are necessary in order to choose from a large number of applicants who have successfully passed the USE, the most capable, talented and most suitable for future work in their chosen specialty. Often they are held by educational institutions in which there is a large competition for admission, for example, Moscow State University and MGIMO, as well as military schools, universities and academies of a creative orientation — art, theater, music.

Entrance tests in individual subjects of the general education program are not more difficult than the exam, they are not in the nature of Olympiad tasks and are based on the school course of the discipline.

How are the university entrance exams

The form of entrance examinations is determined by the leadership of the institute: it can be a check of the level of physical fitness or the depth of knowledge of specialized disciplines, psychological testing, a competition of creative works. One exam is usually worth one hundred points.

The results of entrance examinations are summed up with the marks obtained by school graduates on the exam.

The process of conducting additional exams must be drawn up in the form of a protocol, where questions and comments of teachers are recorded. In some educational institutions, beneficiaries may be exempted from exams, but most universities do not make exceptions even for applicants of special categories.

Entrance exams can also be conducted using distance technologies. This method is practiced by the leading universities of the Russian Federation, for example, the Higher School of Economics, for applicants with disabilities.

How to prepare

Majority tutors are not always the best option. Each university that accepts for studies based on the results of the exam and additional tests preliminarily conducts special preparatory courses in the main disciplines. They usually start in the fall and continue until the entrance exams.

In the classroom, future applicants receive knowledge and skills that meet the requirements of a particular educational organization, get acquainted with teachers, potential fellow students, the rules for passing exams, the peculiarities of the educational process and other subtleties of university life. Therefore, it is better to prepare for admission precisely at the institute or university chosen to receive education after school. In addition, universities sometimes award bonus points to applicants who have attended classes in these special programs.

Preparatory courses not only provide the knowledge necessary for admission, but also allow you to assess the correctness of the choice of profession.

Courses are short-term (from several weeks to a couple of months) and basic (about six months). The first option is less preferable and is intended for those who are late with the registration for basic programs. But also express training will be very useful.

Entrance exams: specialties and directions

All future students must pass a unified state exam, on the basis of which they will be enrolled in a university, institute or academy. The exceptions are:

Moscow State University;SPbSU;universities providing training in creative, medical and military specialties.

According to the law on education, since 2013, Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University have the right to conduct additional tests in all subjects that are taken on the exam, upon admission to any specialty and direction. Also, MSLU, NGLU named after M.V. can check the knowledge of applicants in specialized disciplines. Dobrolyubov, MGIMO and MGYuA, but for admission to certain undergraduate and specialty programs.

The list of specialties related to art and creativity, as well as requiring certain basic knowledge and skills, includes:

journalism;physical education;the television;acting art;painting;sculpture;design;choreography;architecture and others.

The complete list of specialties and directions is approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 1142.

Additional tests are often carried out in two or three rounds in the form of a combination of interview, oral, written, practical professional or creative examination and are always related to the field of future activity. For example, applicants to VGIK for the specialty «production» at the first qualifying stage must analyze in writing the proposed problematic production situation concerning culture and art in 4 hours in order to find an effective way out of it. On the second — to give oral answers to the questions of examination tickets, compiled on topics covering literature, music, visual arts, theatrical and cinematic arts. Plus, to complete a practical task, for example, of this type: in an hour of preparation, schematically develop proposals for organizing an advertising campaign and distribution of a feature film.

The list of entrance examinations for each specialty or in general in the direction of universities is published on their websites at the beginning of the academic year, so that applicants have enough time to prepare for a creative or professional exam. The main thing is not to waste it, then everything will work out.

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