Take direct reference to the company

The grade annoys me myself." The apprenticeship candidate could also calmly say that the subject was not so convenient for him.

What to do if you don’t understand questions

But what is the best way of reacting the future apprentice when the future employer asks a question that he cannot do anything with? In that case, the most important thing is to stay cool, emphasizes Neumaier. "And ask immediately what is meant." Those who answer immediately, even though they are unsure, often give very strange answers. The applicant should not forget to smile and look the other person in the eye. Everything is already only half as bad.

Which outfit suits the interview?

Clothes make the man — that also applies when it comes to an apprenticeship. Neumaier recommends, if in doubt, to wear the set that the applicant wore on the CV photo. Linen sneakers, jeans and hoodies are therefore taboo. According to the consultant, applicants can in principle wear what they would normally wear at work.

Go into the race well prepared

Apprenticeship candidates can definitely score points if they prepare well in advance and find out about the company that invited them. Because some questions keep coming up — every applicant should have an answer to them. These include, for example "How long have you known our company?", "What do you know about us", "Why are you interested in this job?" and "Tell us a little about yourself!", explains Sabine Neumaier. The last question in particular should be right: Nobody should stutter with their own résumé.

If you can put yourself in the limelight, you have good cards with the all-important first impression: This not only plays an important role in everyday life, but also in an interview. In addition to intensive preparation and the right clothing, your facial expressions and posture are important. Skilfully staged, you can then score points above all with your rhetoric skills.

Tips for your application

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How to present yourself with the right tone

If you want to convince in an interview, you should work on your rhetoric skills in advance. Because besides what you say, it also depends on how you say it. For example, if you speak softly and indistinctly, the other person might assume that you are not really convinced of what you are saying. A clear and precise pronunciation is therefore essential for credibility and persuasiveness. In order to radiate additional security, you should under no circumstances take breaks in conversation "uh" or "Hm" to fill.

What else is important in body language

If you want to put yourself in the limelight in your interview, you should consider other factors: Underline your words with the appropriate facial expressions and look your conversation partner in the eye. Positive body language also helps you convince. Avoid crossing your arms over your chest. Instead, use opening hand movements and make sure you sit straight.

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How you can also adapt to the company

Now it is important that, from the point of view of the HR manager, you fit into his company. Think carefully in advance why you want to work for this company. Then find out not only about the company’s goals and visions, but also about the prevailing dress code. With the right clothing, the right information and your body language, you can put yourself in the limelight and confidently explain to your counterpart why you are exactly the right person.123helpme.me

The first impression is quickly made: within a few seconds, the brain decides whether a stranger appears sympathetic or not. This not only plays a crucial role in everyday life, but also in job interviews. Because only a few people manage to revise this first judgment later. In addition to your posture and facial expression, you should therefore attach particular importance to the right clothing.

Tips for your application

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Pay attention to your external appearance

The first impression is mainly influenced by how you look. Because this provides the HR manager with the first information about how great your interest is in working in the company. Freshly washed hair, clean fingernails and a subtle perfume look well-groomed and show your counterpart that you have prepared for the interview.

What is important in the right clothing

Good preparation is also characterized by the fact that you pay considerable attention to your clothing. Not only should it be clean and tidy, it should also suit the company and the chosen position.

Anyone who applies in the financial world or has direct customer contact should opt for classic business clothing. At this point, women resort to costumes, trouser suits, trousers and subtle blouses. They also wear tights and pumps. Men are well advised to wear a dark suit with a tie and elegant smooth leather shoes. In the creative industry, you have more freedom when choosing clothes. Here you can even wear jeans with which men combine a shirt and women a subtle blouse.

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The first impression: why less is sometimes more

Whichever industry you choose: You should avoid eye-catching jewelry. Women can wear up to four rings. Necklaces and earrings are also allowed. Men are allowed to wear a maximum of two rings. You can also follow a simple basic rule: To make a good first impression in the interview, you should always be a little fancier than in everyday life.

Why should we hire you? It is not uncommon for the HR manager to ask you this question at the end of an interview. It is not so much the content of your answer that matters, but how you react. So your resilience should be tested under stress.

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Why you — a question of stress

If you give up at this point and react irritably or resignedly, you show the HR manager that resilience and communication skills are not your strengths. And that’s exactly what he wants to test. So stay calm and summarize your strengths and qualifications again. Even if you already did that during the interview. Show why he should hire you by remaining confident. Give specific examples of your past successes that show that you know your strengths.

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Make direct reference to the company

This is also the right time during the interview to talk about the company you are about to hire. Find out about the company and your possible position beforehand. Show that you are not looking for just any job, but precisely this, with this very company. With the question "Why you?" the HR manager also wants to find out your interests and goals.

In addition to telephone interviews, more and more HR professionals nowadays rely on digital interviews to get a first impression of an applicant. Gestures and facial expressions play a very special role.

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It all depends on the right facial expressions

An interview is all about making a good impression. This is also the focus when preparing for a digital interview. However, your facial expressions play a decisive role here: Smile and make sure you look your conversation partner in the eye. This works best if you look directly at the camera. However, if you look at the screen, you only show the eyelids and forehead to the person opposite.

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Digital interview requires calm

You should also pay attention to your gestures: In front of the camera, you should avoid wild gestures and move as little as possible. If the digital interview is transmitted with a delay, your gestures will only leave you with blurred movements. Instead, try to concentrate fully on your facial expressions.

For an interview in midsummer, you should appear appropriately dressed despite the high temperatures. Different dress codes apply to men and women. Basically, however, the following always applies: You should avoid wearing too casual clothing.

Tips for your application

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Job interview in midsummer: tip for men

As a man, you should make sure that you look serious at the interview, even in summer. Short pants or sandals are not suitable as clothing for this occasion. You should also avoid short-sleeved shirts. Although some of these have already become naturalized, they look rather unsuitable together with a tie.

In principle, stricter dress codes apply to men than to women. In most cases, you are well advised to wear a classic suit and matching closed shoes. As a tip, you can also orientate yourself on your counterpart. For example, if the person you are talking to takes off his jacket, you can do the same.

What should you watch out for as a woman?

Women are allowed to dress a little more airy for a job interview in midsummer. However, you shouldn’t show too much skin: If you decide on a skirt, it should always come down to your knees. Blouses are perfectly suitable for job interviews, but your shoulders should be covered. Tank tops or similar items of clothing should be left in the closet. A section that is too deep is also taboo. You should also avoid sandals; half-open shoes, on the other hand, are mostly accepted.

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Basically, you are best advised to wear a pantsuit or a costume if you want to introduce yourself. On particularly hot days, you should pay attention to high-quality materials for your clothing as a tip. These prevent excessive sweating and also ensure that you feel comfortable during the appointment.

If the question about hobbies is asked in the interview, you as an applicant should be well prepared for it. You can ruin your job with an unsuitable pastime. But if you sell yourself right, you can also collect points here.

Tips for your application

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Review your hobbies thoroughly

Before an interview, you should think carefully about which leisure activity you want to name. Accident-prone sports or hobbies that are in contrast to the job would do you more harm than good at the idea.

Write down all of your pastimes and consider what qualities and skills they require of you. You can name the activities that, from the company’s point of view, also correspond to your desired occupation. You would have to subject the others to a critical examination beforehand.

Selling inappropriate activities well

Think about the characteristics a recruiter would attribute to your leisure activity. You must be able to dispel these concerns. Perhaps your daily meditation makes you seem too calm to be successful as a sales representative. In this case, explain how stress-resistant meditation will make you. If a hobby seems too time-consuming, show that you can always stay on the ball and set priorities, even with larger projects.

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The question does not need to be answered in full

You have enough different leisure activities that you don’t have to name all of them in the interview. Choose two or three examples that are particularly suitable for the position you are aiming for. The other activities remain your private business, as the question should not actually be asked.

The carefully formulated application has finally aroused the interest of a potential employer. The fear of a mistake in the interview now unfortunately masks the joy of it. Now it is important to know what to wear, prepare and say in order to make a good impression.

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