1xBet Portugal, despite operating without a license in the country for years , was a house widely used by a huge number of Portuguese gamblers. The search for better odds and more diverse betting services led several players to create an account in this house.

For the same reason, several users of 1xBet Portugal were shocked when, when trying to enter the home site, they came across the message that the site is not available in Portugal.

Message on 1xBet’s website


Coincidentally, the news of the closure of 1xBet Portugal arrived on the same day that Betway opened its doors . A bookmaker with an excellent international reputation and that now operates legally in our country.


Another excellent place to bet is Betano , which opened its doors in 2019 and has since been a success in the Portuguese market. For those trying to find quality odds , pay attention to the SuperOdds promotion of that house.



You can consult here the complete variety of bookmakers in Portugal.

Aposta Legal recommends that the Portuguese always place their bets on legal bookmakers.

This way they avoid doing it outside the protection of the Law, where there are several reports of players who, when they start to operate profitably in houses without a license, see their account being closed without notice .


Probably the question that the ex-bettors of the house are going to be asking is: «what happens to the money of those who had an account at the house?»

The good news is that this same balance can be redeemed by accessing 1xBet through the home application .1xbet вход на сайт Users will only be blocked when trying to access the site.

  • We recommend these bettors to withdraw the money as soon as possible.

Recalling that to proceed with the withdrawal, it will be necessary first, as it is in all bookmakers, to offer proof of identity documents .


Once accessing the application, users may be tempted to continue to bet through the app. However, for the reasons already listed, although betting on the 1xBet app is possible, it is not at all recommended that you continue to do so.

It is not clear until when the application the applying will remain functional, and taking into account that 1xBet Portugal is putting a brake on its operations in our country, it will not be unreasonable to consider a possible limitation of access to the mobile application at home.

Update 21/05 : The home application also no longer allows users to place bets.


Nobody can say yet with certainty the reasons that led 1xBet to close its doors in Portugal. However, it is known that the house intends to obtain a license in Portugal ! Closing the operations of your website in Portugal is the first step in being eligible to receive a license from SRIJ.

As previously reported by Aposta Legal, 1xBet has already obtained a license to operate legally in countries such as Spain and Italy.

1xBet website in Spain

By having a license, 1xBet could operate within the law in the Portuguese market, where it already has a strong presence and market share.

For the same reasons mentioned above, it is also speculated about the possible interest of Betwinner in being part of the variety of legal bookmakers. The same cannot be said about Bettilt , which even without a license, continues — illegally — to offer its services to Portuguese gamblers.

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History of 1xbet Portugal

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1xBet is a very interesting betting company that strives to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. 1xBet attracts new and permanent players with attractive competitions, a wide range and many additions to sports betting. This is certainly one of the largest Russian betting companies. The company was founded in 2007 and currently has more than 4 million registered users online. It is an impressive number. What is worth knowing about 1xBet?

1xBet register — bonus 100 EUR »

1xBet — bonuses for players

1xBet is one of the few betting companies that offer a comprehensive bonus system and additional promotions in most of its establishments. If we take sports betting into account, it is worth considering the most important promotions that have delighted thousands of players. The first bonus is the 1xbet welcome bonus that each new player receives. This means that you do not need to have a lot of savings when starting a gambling adventure. All you need is a correct bet for your funds to be credited to your account. To receive the bonus, all you need to do is sign up for Portugal 1xBet. That is enough to obtain a deposit of 100.00 euros.

This bonus is available to all players worldwide and must be rotated at least five times on coupon bets with at least three selections and a minimum quote of 1.4 for each selection. Other bonuses are also «Lucky Friday» or «2 x Wednesday», which are similar to the welcome offers in terms of turnover and amount. You have to pay the deposit on Friday or Wednesday and combine it with the bonus amount of up to 100 euros. After registration, you can open the sports bonus calendar. 1xBet Portugal also offers a new bonus every day, often in the form of a refund of money in case of loss in a particular league. 1xBet offers its players extremely advantageous esports quotes. On occasion,

1xBet register — bonus 100 EUR »

1xBet — offer overview

What distinguishes 1xBet? Above all, the betting company’s offer matches and often even exceeds the offers of other known betting companies. Its sports bets were opened as one of the first in the world. As one of the first, they also offered events for their players. 1xBet has an extremely wide reach worldwide. It offers many events that are not offered by most betting companies. This translates into almost every sport imaginable. 1xBet also has many more markets than most competitive betting companies. 1xBet Portugal’s quotes have only a margin of 3%, which in most cases reaches up to 7%.

1xBet — live betting

Another thing that distinguishes Portugal 1xBet is that they offer the possibility to follow live events. Such games provide a lot of excitement for players, which is why they’ve been generally willing to look for such a possibility when choosing bets from a betting company. Interestingly, 1xBet offers many more events normally unavailable on other sites and offers attractive opportunities for its players. The last point applies to special markets and minute bets. The 1xBet offer is so extensive that you can also find live cockfights.

1xBet — betting additions

In addition to the basic options, such as live streams, pages with results and surveys, 1xBet also has other interesting features. After selecting a country, quotes are automatically loaded into the virtual bet for the countries in question. 1xBet also offers ‘advanced bets’ that allow you to bet on potential winnings on open bets. This means that the player who has run out of money has the opportunity to continue playing! 1xBet also has a betting exchange, where you can bet against other people, but for now it doesn’t work well.

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1xBet — conclusions and summary

It can be said that the conclusion is very simple. 1xBet is one of the best betting companies in the world. Its popularity goes back to distant countries, and the number of fixed establishments and registered users is constantly growing. 1xBet Brasil really has the best features that are sought by people trying to find the greatest bets. 1xBetoffers a wide variety of bonuses, a wide range of bets, a convenient payment system and mirror domains to remove all technical obstacles that people across the world may face. Your sports betting has many functions, thanks to which players can have fun for a long time. This offer is created for the most demanding players, trying to find great emotions and the security of bets. More than 4 million logged users are the best confirmation that 1xBet is in the group of the main betting companies in the world, and the offer is constantly expanding and adapting to new and permanent players. Particularly notable is the technical support at the highest level.