With its successful computer watch, Apple is also increasing the focus on health and fitness

The music service Spotify submitted a complaint to the competition authorities of the EU Commission.

With the advance on Thursday, Epic is now the spokesman for a downright rebellion against the system. The company let its users who play on iPhones and iPads know that even if they already have the app on their devices, new content will come the next "Season" of "Fortnite" they will be denied. And Epic called on customers to complain to Apple using the hashtag #FreeFortnite. Fortnite is used by more than 350 million players, according to Epic.

The situation is slightly different for users of Android devices: Google not only lets apps load from its own Play Store, but also from other sources. Apple rejects this approach with reference to the potential risks for users from crafted apps.

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Apple pointed out that Epic violated the app store rules. "They apply equally to every developer and serve to keep the store safe for our users." Epic introduced the new feature with the intention of violating the guidelines.

In any case, Google stressed that developers had to stick to the rules to stay in the Play Store. For the past few years, Epic "Fortnite" on Android devices already temporarily sold by the Play Store.

Apple always states that by stipulating that in-app purchases have to be processed through the platform’s system, they want to protect customers from fraud. At the same time, some subscription services such as Netflix are allowed to conclude contracts with users on their own websites. The users can then log in on their iPhones and iPads — and the providers do not have to pay Apple.

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Epic was well prepared for the showdown. The company not only quickly had a 60-page lawsuit ready, but also a video that parodied a legendary advertising clip of the group from the year. In "1984" Apple portrayed the rebellion against a totalitarian world based on George Orwell’s book of the same name. The clip shown in 1984 was intended to initiate Apple’s entry into the IBM-dominated PC market. Epic now recreated the video as a computer animation, the role of the dictator is played by a figure with a head in the form of an Apple logo.

Cupertino (dpa) — Apple wants to anchor itself more firmly in the everyday life of users of its devices with new subscription offers. The iPhone group is bundling several services in cheaper packages for the first time and is also entering the online training business.

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With its successful computer watch, Apple is also increasing the focus on health and fitness. And the first thing a new iPad model is getting is a fresh, powerful chip. The new iPhone generation, which is usually released in September, comes a few weeks later this year.

The combination subscription Apple One has several price levels, as Apple announced in an online presentation on Tuesday. The fact that the group is merging its music, video and games offerings could push the streaming business more in this direction overall — after Amazon is already using a similar model with its Prime service.

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For 14.95 euros, Apple offers 50 gigabytes of online storage for one user in addition to music, video and games from Apple Arcade. For 19.95 euros it is 200 gigabytes for up to six family members.

The third one price level, which in addition to the maximum online storage of 2 terabytes, also includes the Apple News + newspaper and magazine subscription and the new Fitness + service, will not be available in Germany for the time being because it will not be introduced in Germany for the time being.https://123helpme.me/argumentative-essay/ In the US, Apple One Premier costs $ 29.95 per month. Fitness +, where there should be new training instructions every week in connection with the Apple Watch, costs $ 9.99 a month alone. In addition to the USA, the offer will initially only be available in Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The new Apple Watch Series 6 presented on Tuesday can now also determine the oxygen content of the blood. The value is considered an important indicator of the health of the cardiovascular system. Apple is using a new sensor that uses red and infrared light to determine the color of the blood.

Apple has held a leading position in the computer watch business since the first Apple Watch went on sale in 2015. The Christmas quarter is traditionally particularly important for sales. That is why new models were always presented in autumn.

The new Apple Watch Series 6 also gets a new chip that is supposed to be 20 percent faster and more housing colors. At the same time, the group is also offering a cheaper new model for the first time, the Apple Watch SE, with fewer functions. Among other things, the determination of the oxygen saturation and the option to have the display on constantly are missing. The SE model is sold in Germany with the reduced VAT from 291.45 euros, while the Series 6 costs from 418.15 euros. This makes it difficult for Apple competitors such as Samsung, Huawei and Fitbit to catch up. The watch is delivered without a charger. Apple argues that there are now enough chargers in households and that this can reduce environmental pollution.

Since the new iPhone generation is coming later this year, the latest Apple processor will be the first to move into the iPad Air, which was presented on Tuesday. The A14 Bionic chip system is being manufactured for the first time with structure widths of 5 nanometers — which enables higher performance on the same area. Meanwhile, the long-standing chip leader Intel is struggling with the transition to lower structure widths. The new iPad Air now has a much smaller frame around the display, similar to the more expensive iPad Pro. For the first time in an Apple device, it offers a fingerprint scanner in the power button — which, especially in times of pandemics, when people often wear a mask, can be easier than unlocking using facial recognition.

Sky lanterns are no longer allowed to rise anywhere in Germany. After the fire at the Krefeld Zoo, they come to the fore: Why have they been sold on a large scale so far?

Described, they went up into the sky with good wishes for the New Year — and allegedly killed orangutans, lowland gorillas and several other animals at the Krefeld Zoo: five sky balloons made of rice paper with a fuel element with an open fire, bought on the Internet. One of them apparently set fire to a plexiglass roof on the monkey house, although it is forbidden to rise across Germany. Vendors sell the balloons without any notice. The big cleanup started on Tuesday.

Family believed lantern was allowed

Even the family, who apparently started the fire with their lanterns, thought nothing of it. She bought the lanterns online and assumed that they could be used on New Year’s Eve, according to a press conference on the fire on Thursday. They were also partly advertised on the packaging as the "ideal replacement for loud fireworks".

"Wish lanterns": Shortly before the turn of the year, the provider recommended the sky lanterns as an idea for New Year’s Eve. One should write wishes on it. The women, whose lantern must have set the monkey house on fire, had done the same. (Source: screenshot)

"It is very decent of the family that they have reported immediately and that they acknowledge their responsibility"said Kripo spokesman Gerd Hoppmann. "There is a lot of pressure on them now." Four out of five lanterns the family raised were found.

real.de stopped sales in the morning

The supermarket chain Real reacted the fastest to the news: On the online marketplace of real.de, through which more than 5,000 dealers such as Ebay can sell items, the sky lanterns of the various providers were removed from the range on Thursday morning. "Triggered by the discussion in connection with the tragic fire accident in Krefeld, we decided that these third-party items are no longer part of our range", said spokesman Markus Jablonski.

New Year’s Eve fire in the monkey house: that’s what the investigators say about the suspects. (Source: t-online.de)

The first search hit there led to offers from trendmaus.de — and behind that "Trend mouse" there is a company that was most recently one of the leading companies selling luminous heavenly bodies in Germany: Alsino GmbH & Co. KG from Fröndenberg in the Unna district. 

"Create unforgettable moments in your life!", the company also advertised on Thursday with a photo of glowing sky lanterns. The company initially did not respond to a request for a statement: The management of the Alsino Verwaltungs GmbH behind it was currently on vacation, according to one employee. One of the managing directors is also at the helm of a company that, as an importer, also sells sky lanterns to other dealers. Selling and possessing are also perfectly legal — the ban only concerns using them for their intended purpose.

"Create unforgettable moments in life!": The provider advertises on its homepage without any indication that there are nationwide bans on letting the sky lanterns rise. (Source: screenshot)

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