The all-clear came late that the corner towers of the cathedral and the structure of the building had been saved.

The flames are still not under control almost three hours after the fire started. The all-clear came late that the corner towers of the cathedral and the structure of the building had been saved.

310 million euros have already been allocated for reconstruction

The day after the devastating fire in Notre Dame Cathedral, 310 million euros are already available for its reconstruction. The Ile-de-France region, which largely corresponds to the greater Paris area, announced on Tuesday an emergency aid of ten million euros. The families behind two luxury goods companies pledged a total of 300 million euros.

The Mayoress of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, proposed an international donor conference. The President of the Regional Council of Ile-de-France, Valerie Pecresse, told Radio Classique that the emergency aid should help the Archdiocese with the first work. The reconstruction will attract the best architects and craftsmen «» in France, perhaps in the whole world, «» said Pecresse.

The Paris Mayoress Hidalgo brought an international donor conference for reconstruction into discussion. It could also serve as a meeting point for experts, she told the France Inter radio network.

In addition to official funds, two large private donations are already available: The largest and the second largest luxury goods group in France, LVMH and Kering, have committed to donations in the three-digit range.


The billionaire Pinault family wants to provide 100 million euros for the reconstruction of the cathedral, which was devastated by flames. This was announced on Tuesday night by Francois-Henri Pinault, head of the luxury fashion group Kering (Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga). «» This tragedy affects all French people, «declared the family. In such a situation everyone wants to help «» breathe life back into this jewel of our national cultural heritage as quickly as possible.

On Tuesday morning LVMH (Moet Hennessy — Louis Vuitton) followed suit: The group of companies promised a donation of 200 million euros for the reconstruction fund. A statement said LVMH and the owner Arnault family wanted to show their solidarity after «» this national tragedy «». Notre Dame is a symbol of France, its cultural heritage and its unity.

EU Council President calls on member states to help

After the devastating fire in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, EU Council President Donald Tusk has called on all other EU member states to help rebuild. «» I know that France could do it on its own, but this is about more than just material aid, «said Tusk early on Tuesday in the European Parliament.

«Terrible day for everyone who loves France and Paris»

The fire in the cathedral made it clear that the EU is connected by something more significant and profound than treaties. «» Today we understand better what the basis of the similarities is, we know better how much we can lose — and that we want to defend that together, «» he said.write a paper for me for free

With a view to the fire, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker spoke of a «» terrible day for everyone who loves France and Paris «» and announced that the EU Commission would provide all the support France could possibly need. «A significant part of France was badly wounded yesterday and we are all somewhat widowers and widows,» said Juncker.

Glass historian: «» A reconstruction is feasible «»

«» In principle, a reconstruction is feasible «»: The Austrian art historian Günther Buchinger is an expert in medieval stained glass and, after the fire in Notre Dame, was confident that the lost stained glass windows of the cathedral can be restored — but not with the original material.

Due to the enormous heat development, the medieval glass melted, not broken. «» That is then de facto lost «», regretted Buchinger, who is also the secretary of the Corpus Vitrearum Austria, a project on medieval and modern glass painting. The question of whether one should reconstruct such an important, historical work of art at all does not arise: «» If one has an object of this rank, there is no discussion. With such a work of art, it is reconstructed as it was. «»

«The colored light is a materialization of what is in the apocalypse»

Fortunately, in the recent past the cathedral’s windows have been removed and documented in detail. «» You therefore know very well what the windows look like. «» And nowadays it is even possible to recreate the medieval play of colors, which is based on a special chemical composition: «» This effect can now be reconstructed. «» It differs substantially from the one used in 19th century churches. There are still two glassworks in Europe that can produce this hand-blown glass — one in France and one in Germany.

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After all, Notre Dame is best known for its glass work. «The tearing open of the walls was an absolute break in style from the Romanesque to the Gothic,» «says Buchinger. The idea behind this was to turn the cathedral into a heavenly Jerusalem: «» The colored light is a materialization of what is written in the apocalypse. «»

After all, the first images from inside the cathedral suggest that the main glass work, the famous rose window with its twelve meters in diameter and its distinctive shades of blue, could have remained undamaged.

Tomb knights save Jesus crown of thorns

While emergency services are trying to put out the flames, the knights of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem are also on duty. Among other things, they save valuable relics on the flames. Including the «» Holy Crown of Thorns «».

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Art historical monument

Its history goes back to the middle of the 12th century. Almost 200 years passed before it was completed. The dimensions of the Gothic-style church, consecrated to the Virgin Mary, with its two majestic towers are enormous: 127 meters long, 40 meters wide and up to 33 meters high.

Fire in the Spitzturm: «» Optimal direction «»

The fire in the roof structure of the Paris Notre Dame is likely to have been good for the spread of the fire and therefore bad for the building and the emergency services for several reasons. One of them was the Spitzturm, which collapsed within a short time. «» The Spitzturm offers the flames an optimal direction of fire, «said Jürgen Figerl, spokesman for the Viennese professional fire brigade, on Tuesday at APA.

But flames also spread in a horizontal direction, and the enormous amount of very old wood in the roof structure creates great heat and flammable gases. If a part of the building then fails — this can be a section of the roof structure, a bursting window or something else — these gases combine with oxygen and smoke ignites, a so-called flashover. «When we open doors, we pay very close attention to how advanced a fire is,» emphasized Figerl.

A similar fire event in St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna would bring the professional fire brigade to their highest alert, as Figerl’s colleague Christian Feiler had already said on Monday evening. In this case, colleagues from the volunteer fire brigades from the surrounding area would occupy the Vienna guards. The alarm levels would only be increased gradually. It is important that the firefighters who are on duty are relieved and that they do not hinder each other at the scene of the fire.

«The fire must go this far and no further»

A disaster on the scale of Notre Dame, of course, cannot be practiced. But there are regular joint exercises between the professional fire brigade and those responsible for St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and the early detection of a fire in the church is rehearsed. Systems were installed for this, but Figerl did not specify this.

The fire department spokesman also addressed the role of the chief of operations, which is particularly important when the events at the scene of the fire deviate from what the emergency services can usually expect. For example, he has to decide what can be saved and act accordingly. These decisions include, for example, whether a so-called bolt position is drawn in, according to the motto: «» The fire may go this far and no further.

Director of the Cathedral: No shortcomings in fire protection

After the devastating fire of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the director of the church sees no safety deficiencies in the fire protection. There are fire supervisors who check the roof three times a day, Patrick Chauvet told France Inter on Tuesday morning. «» I think you can’t do more. «»

«I think that you can not do more»

But of course there are always incidents that cannot be predicted in this way. One now has to check what has happened — he does not yet know.

The fire broke out on Monday evening in the world-famous cathedral in the heart of Paris. The flames devastated the sacred building shortly before Easter, the roof structure was ablaze. The fire department brought it under control in the early hours of the morning.

Trump spoke up on Twitter

«» Notre-Dame est Notre-Dam de toute l’Europe (Notre-Dame is Notre-Dame of all of Europe) «» Tusk tweeted in French. «» We are all with Paris today. «» US President Trump spoke of a «» horrible sight «», one must «» act quickly «». «Maybe airplanes could be used to put it out (the fire).» «

«It hurts to see these terrible pictures of the burning Notre Dame», announced the German government. «» Notre Dame is a symbol of France and our European culture. Our thoughts are with our French friends. «»

Kneissl also tweeted

Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl (FPÖ) was also affected by the fire in Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral. «» Terrible pictures reach us from Paris. The world-famous Notre-Dame Cathedral, symbol of the city and pilgrimage site for Christians worldwide, is on fire, «» Kneissl tweeted on Monday evening in German and French.

Gerard Depardieu: The wound is terrible

The French actor and Russian electors Gerard Depardieu reacted with horror to the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. «Words fail me, this wound on Notre Dame Cathedral is terrible, but it is a calamity that is falling from the sky and affecting our society, which is becoming more and more unstable and has no foundation,» «said the 70-year-old.

He saw the pictures of the fire on Monday evening with dismay. «» I think I’ll get back to Paris as soon as possible. It is a terrible wound for the whole city, «» he told the Italian daily «La Repubblica» «(Tuesday).

Putin wants to send fire specialists to Paris

After the devastating fire in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin has offered help from Russian specialists to rebuild France. «» He suggested sending the best experts to France. They have extensive experience in restoring world heritage sites, «» announced the Kremlin in Moscow on Tuesday.

The cathedral is an inestimable cultural value for Europe and the whole world, said the Russian President in a letter to his French colleague Emmanuel Macron. «» The misfortune that happened that night hurts the hearts of the Russians too. «»

The fire broke out on Monday evening in the world-famous cathedral in the heart of Paris. The fire devastated the sacred building, the roof structure was ablaze. According to initial findings, three people were slightly injured.

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A fire broke out in Notre-Dame Cathedral yesterday, and a huge column of smoke hung over the city. According to the fire brigade, the major fire in the Parisian landmark has been extinguished.

According to the fire department, the major fire in the world-famous Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris has been completely extinguished. «» The whole fire is out, «said the spokesman for the fire department, Gabriel Plus, Tuesday morning.

All flames have been extinguished, experts now have to check the extent of the damage, it said. The fire broke out on the roof on Monday evening and spread rapidly over an area of ​​around 1,000 square meters.

Weak spots discovered in the vault

After the devastating fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, experts discovered «» some weak points in the building. These mainly affect the vault, i.e. the building ceiling, said Interior Secretary Laurent Nunez on Tuesday. «Overall, the structure holds up well,» «he added.

In the course of securing the historic church, five residential buildings in the immediate vicinity were cleared, said Nunez. The houses are therefore in a narrow street north of the church. The security work inside the badly damaged cathedral should take around 48 hours, said the state secretary.

Cause of the fire

Meanwhile, the Paris prosecutor assumes that an «» accident «» had led to the major fire. «» Nothing indicates a deliberate act, «said public prosecutor Remy Heitz at a press conference in front of Notre Dame. He thus confirmed the first indications that renovation work had triggered the fire.

«Nothing indicates a deliberate act»

Five companies were involved in the work, said Heitz. The interrogation of workers and employees of the companies began on Tuesday. About 15 employees were entrusted with work on Monday.

Structure of the building was saved

The fire in the world-famous building in the heart of the French capital broke out on Monday evening for a previously unknown cause.

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The flames brought the 93 meter high roof turret from the 19th century to collapse and destroyed large parts of the roof structure, as the fire brigade announced. The structure of the historic building was saved, as was the facade and the two main towers.

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