Year: 2019;
Mesfin Lamengo;
Writer: Ronald Bronstein;
Directed by: Josh Safdie;
duration: 135 min





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Clearly one of the most disjointed crime «thriller» genre films ever made. Poor screenplay. Poorly woven characters. Bad photography. Pointless, really. A movie for people with addiction, lying, sociopathic issues. Pure failure.

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What an absolute masterpiece this film was. I really can’t understand some of the low score reviews I’m seeing here. What expectations do you have for movies? I’m the first one to call out overrated films (The Irishman. This was absolutely not one of them. The film was gripping right from the start and was intense until the very end. Adam Sandler put on a performance I never thought he could. If you like thrilling or suspenseful movies, sports, or gambling, please do yourself a favor and watch this movie. I’ll be seeing this in the theaters multiple times.
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Brilliant! Ive watched a lot movies and its been quite some time where ive been impressed. The Safdie brothers did an amazing job with direction, storytelling and writing. Its always good to see writers direct their own films. Definitely, oscar worthy. Hats off to Sandler and supporting cast.
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