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Shrimpy has an advanced feature called Universal Exchange Interface which provides a seamless way of viewing one’s portfolio without any interruption at all. It also allows backtesting of crypto portfolios with up to five years of historical data collected from your crypto exchanges. Other functionalities include building custom portfolios and rebalancing. With CoinStats, you can keep track of your cryptocurrency portfolio in a single place. It supports more than 8,000 digital currencies and 300 crypto exchanges. One of the nicest things about Altrady’s bitcoin portfolio manager is its organized presentation of data.

This crypto portfolio management app promises to protect your personal privacy by keeping all your personal information on the device that you are using. Portfolio data can be synced across multiple devices or through iCloud. It supports more than 5,000 digital currencies and can be connected to cryptocurrency exchanges using API import. Bitsnap lets you connect multiple crypto exchanges and different blockchain wallets so you can conveniently track all your assets using a single application. It has a well-designed user interface so that you can easily understand what is happening to your digital assets in relation to the current movement of crypto markets. Blockfolio is among the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio management tools that are used by millions of crypto traders worldwide. It claims to have more than 6 million users with support for more than 500 cryptocurrency exchanges and over 10,000 digital currencies.

Different cryptocurrency portfolio trackers have different sets of features, and no one tracker does everything perfectly. Some may allow you to buy and sell coins but don’t feature every coin you need. Portfolio trackers are an essential tool for both casual and professional cryptocurrency investors because they allow you to monitor price changes at all hours of the day and track your investments over time. When you buy cryptocurrency on the eToro trading platform, we use an automated system based on consolidated cryptocurrency accounts to purchase the actual asset.

Unfortunately, not every crypto portfolio tracker is equally useful and secure. Though every portfolio tracker will offer its own individual niche to appeal to a certain segment of traders, every choice you consider should have at least these 3 basic features. Our technology supports fee tracking, margin trading, and the most integrations, while handling traders with millions of transactions. The next frontier for asset management tools may be consolidation as platforms discover their limitations and locate partners that can enhance their value proposition. By building and promoting these highly synergistic platforms, the cryptocurrency market will finally open itself to much broader participation from the entire online investing community. As these platforms become more mainstream and continue to defragment the increasingly segmented crypto exchange environment, the burgeoning asset class will continue to experience improved growth.

It is one of the famous listed application which deals with the problem of deducting the amount from all the coins once they are sold. Apart from that it also has an attractive feature where an individual an easily deduct the BTC/ETH or any primary currency during the purchase of a new coin. This is considered as the best and most popular application among the users. This is only for the tracking purpose of all individual portfolios. From all of the crypto portfolio tracking apps, CoinStats is hands down the leader. Set up customizable alerts for cryptocurrency prices on specific exchanges, and get notified when there’s a spike in price, volume, or trading activity. Delta PRO is available at USD 7 and USD 8.5 per month and USD 60 and USD 70 for a year’s subscription. While the free plan allows you to connect with only 2 exchange accounts and/or wallets, with Delta PRO you can connect with as many exchange accounts and crypto wallets as you want.

online crypto portfolio

They can easily create beautiful charts and graphs for themselves. It is strictly created for portfolio management so therefore it only supports all cryptocurrencies. Managing your portfolio, your Etherum and Metamask wallets, trading on diverse exchange accounts while tracking market fluctuations from one platform gives an apparent power of broader awareness. Blockfolio is the world’s most popular FREE Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio management app, with support for 8,000+ cryptocurrencies. Join millions of others and track your entire portfolio in one place, get detailed price and market information, and receive Signal updates directly from crypto teams within the app. Separate from the world of portfolio tracking is the world of tax reporting. Active crypto traders need the proper toolset to enable success within the volatile crypto markets. CryptoCompare is not just a portfolio tracker but really more of an entire ecosystem for cryptocurrency. The company offers data as a service, content and educational guides, as well as well as a price aggregator for top cryptocurrencies and top exchanges.

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Next, go to the API Management section of the platform to create your API keys. Finally, enter the API keys you generated into the HolderLab dashboard and click connect. At this point, you’re ready to explore HolderLab’s portfolio management automation tools. In this article, we’ll look in-depth at platforms that offer automatic rebalancing cryptocurrency portfolio services. Rebalancing involves changing the weightings of a portfolio of assets by sporadically buying and selling specific assets in the portfolio to main an optimal allocation. This allocation might be a certain amount of risk or a certain percentage of specific assets. The post Three best crypto portfolio trackers to use in 2020 appeared first on Coin Rivet. Luckily, a number of cryptocurrency portfolio trackers have been made available since the hype-fuelled bull market in 2017. Stay up to date on everything that’s happening in the crypto world with our app’s news center. Get free access to popular and breaking news, see the top gainers and losers of the crypto market and check the most recently listed coins for new trading and investment opportunities.

  • Shrimpy is perhaps the most popular portfolio management application which combines both the worlds of tracking and trading.
  • Designed with a number of advanced features that set it apart from others in the industry.
  • Coin Stats is ideal for new and experienced traders alike because the tools are sophisticated yet easy to interface with.
  • On the app you’ll be able to view crypto prices in real time along with essential market data, monitor your investments and sync your portfolio.
  • Investors and traders can easily link all their exchange accounts with Shrimpy, and instantly see their portfolio in a unified dashboard interface.
  • With its ‘universal exchange interface’, you can have a birds-eye view of your entire crypto portfolio, all in one place.

All trades need to be added manually, which is a pain point for active portfolio holders. Blox offers automatic crypto accounting and asset management solutions not just to individual traders but also to corporate investors and blockchain enterprises. It is equipped with powerful tools that help businesses manage their digital assets and keep track of their portfolios. CoinManager is a crypto portfolio management online crypto portfolio tool that is easy to understand and simple to use even for beginner traders. Its portfolio tracking application has a minimalist design which shows the most necessary information for monitoring of digital assets. Altpocket has a mission to unite cryptocurrency traders under one platform by simplifying trading for everyone and by designing a platform that can be used by both advanced and beginner crypto traders.


The app generates a dynamic recovery code, which can be used later to restore the app to the last known state. The CoinTracking app is available for both Android and iOS, but registration has to be done on their website first. Moreover, all trades have to be entered through their website which, frankly, is a little annoying. The app simply redirects you back to their website when you try to enter any trade through it.

online crypto portfolio

Excel sheets won’t just cut it when you have good money invested in crypto. Be sure to do some research before deciding which cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app to go with for keeping track of your investments. Similar to portfolio trackers, you can sync your exchanges and wallets with a crypto tax software tool and import all of your historical trades and transactions with the click of a button. Once your transactions are imported, you can generate your necessary crypto tax reports and documents with the click of a button. zec btc You can download Delta for iOS or Android completely free and start tracking your crypto portfolio. Delta also offers a pro version of its app for $60-80 which gives you access to even more features such as tracking multiple portfolios across multiple devices. Checkout the current price, team information, communications, latest trend chart, your holdings and your profit/loss for each asset you have in your portfolio. You can also just add coins to your watchlist if you only want to keep track of certain cryptocurrencies.

Having a good portfolio management system is crucial for making judicious investment decisions. However, trying out all the available apps and software to find the most suitable is not a practical solution. After seeing all-time-highs towards the end of 2017, most crypto investors have spent a large part of 2018 looking at their portfolios closely, biting their nails and pulling out their hair. Some traders have turned the bear market to their advantage as well, selling the highs and buying back the lows. Whichever group you belong to, you need a portfolio tracker that is both accurate and prompt.

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Gem has the best user experience and is the easiest to use in this list. Gem is app-heavy with a light web presence i.e. only the Discovery section is accessible from web . Moreover, you can create a Gem account, thereby allowing portfolios to be ported. Gem is completely free-to-use and there are no hidden conditions bitcoin bid ask or paid plans. Cryptograf allows you choose to pull price data in over 25 fiat currencies from hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges. One of the interesting twists on KryptoGraphe is the fact that it gives you information on how you stack up to other crypto investors who have similar portfolios and assets as you.

Coinparator is a free cryptocurrency portfolio management tool that can be used by anyone who wants to track their digital assets without having to pay for a premium or a subscription plan. Among the key features of LiveCoinWatch are real-time price information, live-action crypto exchange data, and crypto market liquidity and coinmarketcap icx volume statistics. Using this tool can help traders have a good visual understanding of how their crypto portfolio is performing. CoinTracker is not just a reliable crypto tax software, but it is also full of cryptocurrency portfolio solutions that can help traders in their journey towards building their digital wealth.

It seems like the mobile apps are meant to function more like accessories complementing the web product. Yes, there are free cryptocurrency portfolio management tools out there, and some have really good reviews from their users. But if you decide to pay for a premium subscription for better services, it would always be wise to check for the inclusions in your plan and check what other crypto traders are saying about the platform. Choosing the best cryptocurrency portfolio management tool is based on your personal preference. Since you have your own wealth-building goals, trading strategies, and coin watchlists, your choice for a crypto portfolio tracker may be different from another person within the same crypto community. Totle offers DeFi integration by connecting the top decentralized exchanges and synthetic asset providers. Its portfolio management solution lets you buy and sell cryptocurrencies without giving up your security and privacy.

online crypto portfolio

Thus far, the crypto sector has seen numerous exchanges emerge, all offering some combination of cryptocurrencies though not a comprehensive list. This poses a challenge for investors, as many exchanges are not compatible with all wallets, leading to complications when managing a diverse array of assets. The process of purchasing cryptocurrencies is still harder than buying regular equities. As cryptocurrencies attract new users, more market participants are becoming aware of the need for straightforward tools designed to manage crypto portfolios for traders of all skill levels. ErisX is a CFTC-regulated derivatives exchange and clearing organization that offers digital asset futures and spot contracts on one platform.

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It also offers insights into your investments and shows you how you compare when put up against other cryptocurrency investors who hold the same currencies as you or who invest with the same level of capital. CoinStats is the largest multi platform crypto portfolio manager crypto portfolio with hundreds of thousands investors and traders tracking their portfolios. A portfolio tracker should be a one-stop shop for all of your coins. Look for a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that offers connectivity with all of the coins and all the exchanges you’re on.

CMC app is the best crypto app around, with market capitalization, candlestick charts, portfolio tracker, currency converter including fiat, coin and token news, and crypto comparison tools. From bitcoin to altcoins, users can get accurate and real-time rates in a single place. In addition to the analysis tools, there are some fun features as well. Such as a list of public portfolios available for general viewing, and an ICO tracker which tracks some of the popular ICOs from their date online crypto portfolio of inception. There’s also a live feed from top exchanges which shows you how the listed tokens have been performing. Another simple but interesting feature of Cryptocompare is that it tells you how much of your crypto is held in exchanges and how much in wallets. A constant warning to people relying solely on exchanges to store their assets, if you ask us. One big disadvantage of CryptoCompare is that there is no exchange API sync capability to import trades from exchanges directly.

This platform is among the most popular crypto tracking applications, and has been featured in big online sites such as TechCrunch, Google, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and CoinDesk others. Bitsnapp helps you view all your digital assets in a snap or in as easy as one, two, three. This cryptocurrency portfolio tool is used by more than 10,000 traders and investors. It supports at least 1,500 digital currencies and has more than 25 API integrations. Crypto trading technology is a fast-evolving industry with new developments constantly being introduced to the community. Even cryptocurrency portfolio management tools and software companies frequently give us new features that help resolve traders’ problems. In this article, you will find the complete list of cryptocurrency portfolio management tools that can help build your digital assets.

Traditional brokers have the advantage of offering a wide selection of investible securities, though typically you can’t trade bitcoin directly, only futures. Meanwhile, crypto exchanges are limited to digital currencies, though you can own the currencies directly and can often buy several, rather than simply bitcoin or bitcoin futures, as you would with a general broker. And PayPal has also gotten in on the act, allowing U.S. users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin, has proven to be a popular trading vehicle, even if legendary investors such as Warren Buffett think it’s as good as worthless. Part of cryptocurrency’s popularity is due to its volatility, since these swings allow traders to make money on the price moves. Download CoinMarketCap for iOS or Android today to get the best Bitcoin app on the market, completely for free. With our cryptocurrency app, you will gain access to the most powerful set of data tools for Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other coins. For now, it’s your turn to share which Crypto portfolio and tracking app you use to manage your cryptocurrencies. If you know of something that is working great for you, do let me know the name and features that you like most about the app you are using. I wish I knew about CoinTracking earlier as this is my go-to cryptocurrency portfolio management app these days.

It works by analyzing deposits and trades to show the real-time valuation of crypto investments that are in multiple locations such as crypto exchanges, online wallets, or hardware wallets. The value of users’ cryptocurrency holdings can be displayed in USD, BTC, or as a percentage relative to BTC or USD. CoinBundle is not your usual cryptocurrency portfolio management tool because this platform is a digital currency investment platform that lets you invest in dozens of cryptocurrencies with a single click. With this kind of service, CoinBundle is able to help those who are not clear about what coins they want to invest in but would like to take advantage of the profitable nature of crypto markets. Ethos is a blockchain-based financial platform that does not only offer crypto portfolio management solutions but also other revolutionary applications that are founded on the power of blockchain. Its ecosystem is composed of different aspects such as crypto wallets, fiat gateways, payment systems, and exchanges, among others. HedgeGuard is a comprehensive platform that is widely used by institutional crypto investors and crypto brokers to organize their digital assets and keep track of their portfolios. This portfolio management system allows the setting up of master entities, multiple funds, managed accounts, and sub-accounts from different clients, team members, and investors. Gem is an automatic crypto portfolio management tool that can let you monitor your digital assets on 20 different crypto exchanges using only a single application. Among the exchanges supported for connection are BitMEX, Bitstamp, Bittrex,, Coinbene, Gemini, Coinbase Pro,, HitBTC, Gemini, Polonies, and Yobit.

Altpocket can also send you notifications about your favorite trader’s move so that you can decide whether or not to follow their trading action. Shrimpy is perhaps the most popular portfolio management application which combines both the worlds of tracking and trading. Designed with a number of advanced features that set it apart from others in the industry. With its ‘universal exchange interface’, you can have a birds-eye view of your entire crypto portfolio, all in one place. Investors and traders can easily link all their exchange accounts with Shrimpy, and instantly see their portfolio in a unified dashboard interface. On the app you’ll be able to view crypto prices in real time along with essential market data, monitor your investments and sync your portfolio. Coin Stats is ideal for new and experienced traders alike because the tools are sophisticated yet easy to interface with.