Языки мира

This is the first linguistic documentation of I’saka, a tonal language belonging to the Skou family spoken in Sandaun Province in the extreme north-west of Papua New Guinea. Pacific Linguistics, The Australian National University, 1986. Awtuw is the first language of about 400 people living in five villages in the southern foothills of the Torricelli […]

20 Creative Ways To Make The Most Of Trello

This is very notable limitation, when we started to work with asana a small team. Yes, you can use the Unito app to integrate https://baku.deveducation.com/blog/chto-takoe-trello-preimushchestva-i-kak-polzovatsya-doskoy/ with Asana. This is a paid app, starting from $10/month for a personal plan. With a user base boasting of Tesla, Buzzfeed, and Airbnb, this Trello competitor is a must-try. […]

Mupur Education

The healthy and safe environment of the campus is a valuable decision for those who are searching for the best options to study MBBS https://deveducation.com/ in ZSMU. So you can knocking the doors of Jagvimal consultants is an appropriate option for those who are waiting for a long. The Zaporizhzhia State Medical University (ZSMU) is […]